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Uruguayan composer, guitarist and sound designer. He is currently composer in residency at Festival Dag in de Branding (The Hague, The Netherlands). He holds a masters degree from Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague – University of the Arts The Hague), and completed a bachelors in Music Composition at the School of Music of the University (University of the Republic, Uruguay). He is currently a Research Associate at Sonology Institute, and works as Assistant Professor at the School of Music of the University (Uruguay) in the Harmony and Counterpoint Chair. Moreover, he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Electroacoustic Music Studio and as an Academic Assistant of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the same institution.

As a sound artist and composer, his research is about the relationship between sound and space, specifically speculating with the presence of different kinds of spatialities in sound. His works have been premiered, among others, at the symposium Transformation of the Audible (West, The Hague, The Netherlands), 4th International Csound Conference (Montevideo, Uruguay), Earpot (Duisburg, Germany), OPENING -International Soundart Festival- (Trier, Germany), Bertolt Brecht House (Montevideo, Uruguay) and in several concerts of the International Sound Art Festival Monteaudio (where he also contributes at the organization). He participated with Sofia Scheps and Lukas Kühne in a sound art project on the Max-Planck Institute’s oceanographic ship RV SONNE. In 2019, he has been presenting his work at the New Composers Pitch (New Music Conference – ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) and in 2021 he has participate at the Orpheus Doctoral Conference (Ghent, Belgium) and at the colloquium Escucha y Creación Musical en el SXXI (Organized by UNAM, Mexico and University of the Republic, Uruguay).


He has been the sound designer of The Hy Project by Toyota Uruguay and The Electric Factory, which has been awarded with a silver Cannes Lion in the category of Radio and Audio.


Guzmán Calzada Llorente has been involved with different folk and latin music groups where it can be mentioned his role as a founder, arranger and guitarist in music groups such as La Imbailable Orquesta and Cumbia Club in Uruguay. In the Netherlands, he is the guitarist of the band Amaltea. He has worked as a composer, music producer, arranger and guitarist of 4 latin/folk albums until now: Volvió una Noche (Cumbia Club), Sencillos de Fin de Año (Cumbia Club), Los Adioses (Desayuno Tropical) and Desayuno Tropical (Desayuno Tropical). He has also resealed an album with his band Amaltea in The Netherlands, where he worked as a guitarist and arranger. 

Portrait by Bart Grietens

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